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Kinglumi® Annulight™ LED high bay lighting, taking industrial lighting to a higher level


The glare-free technological innovation, patented optics design ,along with aesthetic and fashionable appearance, make Kinglumi Annulight™ LED high bay light fixtures take industrial lighting to a higher level. Available from 85-230W or 10000lm-30000lm, Annulight™ high bay led lights can upgrade 250W-1000Wmetal halide/HPS light fixtures among different types of applications such as warehouse, logistics center, transportation hub, sports venue, manufacturing facilities, just to speak a few. 


Up to 130lm/W with high energy efficiency

Thanks to high efficacy of up to 130 lumens per watt, Annulight™ LED high bay fixtures by Kinglumi can achieve adequate and high-performance lighting over spacious areas while saving up to 70% energy compared to standard metal halide light fixtures. Whether it's warehouse, manufacturing facilities, distribution center or stadium application, our high output energy-efficient Annulight™ high bay fitting can light up it with enough and shadow-free distribution of both horizontal and vertical lighting. 

UGR<19, creating visually comfortable glare-free environment

It's apparent that the high bay light with high glare is one of serious workplace distractions that can cause some potential accidents. For example, poor lighting with high glare can disrupt vision of forklift trucks drivers, causing objects to fall from fork lift truck and even leading to people injury accidents. Glare is also believed to cause discomfort to  athletes at sports venue and stadium and interfere with their performance.

With UGR below 19 and EN12464 2011 compliant, Kinglumi Annulight™ led high bay luminaires are ideal fixture used to deliver uniform, glare-free and safe industrial lighting in different types of applications. A UGR of less than 19 can contribute to eye protection, reducing pressure and creating visually comfortable environment. 

Patented optics/heatsink/appearance design

Excellent optics, heatsink and appearance designs, which's protected by patents in USA, Australia and Europe, China, ensure great energy efficiency with optimal heat dissipation. With Optics system efficacy being 90%, Kinglumi energy-efficient Annulight™  industrial lighting fixtures produce much less heat ,being able to contribute to a healthy, clean and safe environment


A combination of IP65 high protection rating, dust-proof protection cover and pure aluminum heatsink design(Thermal Conductivity>220W/m.K) enable Annulight™ led high bay fixtures to provide excellent and sustainable lighting under severe and harsh working environment. Equipped with 108pcs high efficient anti-glare reflectors, Kinglumi Annulight™ 85-230W high bay led lights provides high-angle shielding of more than 26°, beneficial to reducing glare substantially and delivering uniform and even lighting.

Adjustable occupancy sensor available

Annulight™ LED industrial lighting fixtures, available with built-in adjustable motion sensor, are able to save energy and operation costs substantially with smart light management system. The motion sensor, based on Microwave/Radar 5.8GHz signal with 360 degrees of occupancy detection, is able to turn on/off lights automatically. 

(More details of high bay cupancy sensor )

Excellent lighting performance

By combining Meanwell Driver( 100-277V, PF>0.95, MTBF>192Khrs) and 576pcs Samsung leds(0.5W SMD LED, only drive to 0.28W/ea),Kinglumi Annulight™ high bay light fixture delivers high-quality lighting with longer lifespan and much lower maintenance costs in the long run.

Our Annulight™ led high bay light is designed with dust-proof light housing, essential for lowering the temperature on fixture housing and improving light lifespan significantly.( L70>50,000 @Ta=40)

Other Details:

5 years warranty(7 years optional); Product portfolios(30,000lm; 25,000lm; 21,500lm ; 16,000lm; 11,000lm); Weighing only 4kgs(High bay light delivered from competitors is usually weighing 9Kgs on average)