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Adding value to retail store with a fascinating shop window


This picture shows how does Kinglumi use LED track lights and downlights to create an eye-catching and aesthetic window display in our showroom. Such a proper combination of two different light fixtures create a warm and welcome atmosphere over entire space. The window display is located just opposite our office front door, so our customers can see it upon walking through the door and have a sense of feeling at home.

Window display is becoming more and more important to grab customers' attention by improving visual appeal of retail shops. An excellently-designed window display plays an important role generating interest and entice people passing by to walk through shop door. With the right lighting design, window display can look more attractive and unique, adding aesthetic elements to reinforce brand awareness.


With extensive experience in designing the right lighting solutions used in window displays, Kinglumi delivers a wide range of glare-free and high-performance led track lights and LED downlights to highlight the featured objects in window display and create a welcome and pleasing store atmosphere. With patented CAMETA lens and CRI ranging from 90-95, our LED track lights and downlights can be used together for front window displays to add more visual elements to store and make a great impression to customers.

Featured Products:


      22W dimmable shop window tract light                         21W UGR19 window displya LED downlight

Case Reference

   Window display lighting solution in a Germany store