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Top5 benefits and advantages of LED downlights


The LED technology, which's proven to make a positive contribution to energy saving and environment protection, has been used for several decades in variety of lighting applications.  Among various LED light fixtures, LED downlights are particularly popular and achieve a rapid development in the past decades for some outstanding benefits that's provided as follows.


Energy efficiency makes sense

Compared with traditional downlights, LED ceiling downlights are more energy efficient with more energy converting into light, thus consuming less heat and contributing to a cleaner environment. Some studies show the LED downlights kits are believed to save up to 85% energy than conventional incandescent lights and use 40-50% less electricity than compact fluorescent lamps. This means tremendous power consumptions and electrical bills will be saved over a long period of time.  


Long lifespan and low maintenance

LED downlight fittings are rated at a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, almost 50 times longer than the incandescent lamps that's with an average lifespan of 1000 hours. Practically speaking, for a led down light fixture that's on for six hours every day in your home, it will last approximately 23 years. For a retail shop where LED downlights are on for 12 hours every day, the LED downlights here will last for nearly 12 years. In spite of higher initial cost of LED downlight fixtures than conventional downlights, the maintenance cycles is decreased dramatically with much lower replacement and operations cost in the long run.


Offer high flexibility in use

Energy saving LED downlights are able to deliver versatile and flexible lighting solutions in different types of spaces, suitable for generating general lighting, task lighting as well as accent lighting. With flexible options of being integrated, brightened and dimmed based on specific lighting environments, LED downlights can satisfy the needs of different lighting situations with easy and flexible adjustment of beam angles, light source and positions. 


Environmentally friendly

Due to benefits of producing less energy and helping reduce CO2 emissions, LED downlights have active impact on creating a clean and green environment.  They do not contain mercury and provide UV- and IR-free lighting that does not attract insects. Unlike incandescent or halogen lamps, LED ceiling downlights fixtures are easily recycled because they usually come with different detachable components, which leads to less or no environmental hazards.


Add appeal to modern interior design

Usually installed into the ceiling tiles as part of interior architecture, LED recessed downlights add sleek, stunning and stylish appeal to interior design and offer high flexibility to direct soft and uniform lighting in diverse ways. Moreover, the designs of LED downlights are numerous with flexible availability to move with customizable options, giving interior designers enough freedom to select the ideal one that suits their design tastes.

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