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Annulight™ LED high bay: Offer the perfect industrial LED lighting



Annulight™ LED high bay industrial LED lighting comes with superior functionalities to provide the perfect industrial lighting solutions for applications of workshop, railway station, toll free stations, toll fee stations, stadiums, gymnasium, warehouse, airports, etc. Come with energy efficacy of 130LM/W, adjustable motion sensor, UGR<19, along with advanced optics and DALI/1-10V dimming options, our Annulight™ modern industrial light fixture helps you achieve energy-efficient, glare-free and smart lighting solutions that help save tremendous power consumption and create comfortable lighting environments.


Achieved with IP65 high rating design, such industrial ceiling light fixtures can be applied under harsh and severe indoor applications such as wet locations. It's created with the state-of-the-art LED technology and optics design to maximize the heat transfer performance for ensuring stable operation and longer lifespan. This industrial style LED lighting works with a low light attenuation and features a general lifespan of 50,000hours, ensuring super bright and uniform lighting even after it's used for many years.


Responding to the needs of different applications, the Annulight™ LED high bay vintage industrial lighting comes with extensive range of watts and various dimming solutions to provide all-in-one industrial lighting solutions. The watts include 85W,88W,125W,130W,155W,160W,200W and 230W with high lumen output from 11000LM to 30000LM. For dimming solution, you can choose DALI, 1-10V ,Non-dim, as well as motion occupancy lighting system according to specific applications.


A total of three kinds of wide beam angles including 60°,80°and 110°can be selected freely to achieve your desired lighting distributions. There are four installation options available for such led high bay lights including surface mounted, pendant mounted, hook mounted as well as wall-mounted choices. It is easy and convenient to install or uninstall light fittings, saving your time and laboring costs significantly.

In addition, you can also choose our 80W/130W/160W occupancy sensor LED high bay lights that come with built-in motion sensor to turn on/off lighting automatically based on the change of surroundings. It works with flexible settings to control the lighting smartly ranging from hold time setting to 0%-100% brightness automatic adjustment, which plays an important role minimizing energy use and reducing carbon emissions.

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