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Xline Linear lighting: Add value, elegance and distinction to interiors


Following the improvement of people's livelihoods, the demands for interior design is also increased. Everything is changing and some good design ideas that's ever accepted and popular do not work again. In response to varieties of changes, people from different industries are always reacting actively with nonstop efforts to embrace new challenges and make fresh breakthroughs. The lighting, one of significant element influencing how interior design is conducted, should also keep up with the design trends and improve interior design to a higher level.


Kinglumi insists on lighting innovation and constantly develops and manufactures state-of-the-art indoor light fittings for adapting to the higher needs of interior design. One of our newly designed LED light fixture is Xline Linear LED linear lighting that's aimed to add value, elegance and distinction to modern interiors with visually pleasing, uniform and human-centric lighting.



Offer highly flexible light distributions

Xline Linear track lighting delivers higher flexibility of light distributions compared to Trunking lighting systems, as it can work with track spotlight based on the same track system. It offers a wide range of light distribution patterns including asymmetric 25°x90°for single and double wall washer lighting, batwing distribution 85°x85°for aisle lighting as well as Lambertian distribution 120°for general lighting. Xline LED track lights can work perfectly with our Smarter™ track spot light for providing one-stop lighting solutions that can meet the needs of different lighting distributions(accent lighting, general lighting and wallwash lighting) .


Advanced design and LED technology

Xline linear track lighting fixtures are designed to work with 4 wires 3 circuits track system(Such as GLOBAL Trac Pro system), with built-in track lighting adaptor instead of exterior track adaptor that's used for most of track mounted linear lights in the markets. It's believed that the built-in track lighting adaptor is helpful to ensure a compact, clean and stylish appearance for modern LED linear track lights. The original Samsung LEDs are used in such light fittings to achieve high quality lighting with high lumen output and longer lifespan. In addition, Xline linear LED tracks are equipped with isolated circuit SELV Class II LED electronic control gear to improve safety and stability performance.


High efficacy with new optics technology

Created with 30W and 55W watts, Xline LED linear track lights are given a high energy efficacy of 110LM/W with a lumen output from 3300lm-6000lm. Such outstanding benefit enables them to become the perfect lighting choice for some large commercial spaces such as supermarkets and automotive shops where both general and accent lighting is required with high demands of light brightness and energy savings. Apart from benefit of high energy efficiency, we use the latest vacuum coating reflector for Xline LED track lights to optimize the lighting uniformity and comfort. This is a big step taken by Kinglumi in terms of reflector technology revolution, which ensures softer and healthier lighting to people around the world.


See the lighting without seeing light source

The original design idea of Xline linear LED lighting is centered on enabling people to see the lighting without seeing light source. After making nonstop efforts and experiencing endless failures, our engineers made such unique idea come true. Firstly, the Xline LED track lights, which's sized at 928mmx48mmx57mm, come with modern, clean and stylish design that blends seamlessly with architectures themselves. After installation, they're completely incorporated into interior environments naturally and harmoniously, adding elegance and vitality to interior design. Secondly, Xline interior LED lights, with specially designed reflector and advanced optical system, are able to direct uniform, comfortable and glare-free lighting where it's mostly needed. They're the ideal light fixtures used for creating human-centric lighting environments where the feelings and well-beings of people are a top priority in lighting design.


Suitable for use in various applications

Xline LED linear lighting is able to be applied for a wide range of applications such as supermarkets, retail shops, offices, conference rooms, automotive and parking, education, library, bookstores, hospitality, museum and art galleries, etc. Come with an easier and faster installation process than trunking lighting systems, this modern LED linear lighting saves time and money on installation, maintenance and inventory. 

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