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Chinese New Year 2018


The Chinese New Year 2018, also known as Spring Festival 2018, will fall on February 16th 2018 and last for up to two weeks with a variety of celebrations across the nation.


This new year in China marks the beginning of the year of the Dog, which's one of 12 Chinese zodiac animals. The Chinese New Year, which's based on the lunar calendar and usually takes place between January 21 and February 20, comes on a different date compared to the New Year Holiday from western countries that starts on January 1th.


As the most popular holiday in China, the Spring Festival is highly expected by Chinese people and offers a good opportunity for joyous celebrations and family reunion. During the holiday,  there're varieties of traditions of celebration for a new year and people from different regions celebrate New Year in their own unique ways. Some common traditions of celebration include setting off fireworks, joining the parades as well as making iconic red Chinese lanterns.


Most of businesses will shut down during the Spring Festival up to three weeks for celebrations and people, no matter where they are staying, will gather together for reunion with their families for dinner on New Year's Eve.


The staff at Kinglumi will enjoy Spring Festival holiday from February 10th to 23th and begin to work on February 24th, 2018.