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Why choose Kinglumi\'s LEDGEAR™ independent LED lamp Drivers?


Offered with constant current design, the LEADGEAR™ selection of independent LED drivers, due to the strain-relief and screw free design, are able to uninstalled and installed very easily and quickly. The benefit of such user-friendly design ensures simple and smooth wiring for light fixtures as well as help cutting down the labor costs. With output voltage from 24V-42V and 30V-42V, the LEDGEAR™ series of LED lamp drivers operate with high stability and quality and have been tested successfully with certificates of LVD, EMC,ROHS,SAA,etc.


In contrast with the other brands of lighting LED drivers in the markets, the LEDGEAR™ high quality LED drivers are designed with some outstanding attributes that's essential for ensuring improved safety, power efficiency as well as use experience. These are some differences that demonstrate how LEDGEAR™ LED drivers distinguish themselves from other common brands in the markets.


1. Independent LED driver VS built-in drivers


The Independent LED drivers provide sufficient strain relief for AC cables without extra junction box. Besides, Compared to the built-in LED power supply that's usually installed inside the luminaires, the independent led power supply can be either mounted out of luminaires or put inside the light fixtures.


2. Cap Fixing


Uninstalled or installed without screws, the LEDGEAR™ LED electronic drivers are advantageous due to an easier and quicker installation compared to some LED power supply drivers that's labor-consuming to be assembled or disassembled with time wasted on screws work. The transparent cap design, which allows users to check whether the internal wiring is finished perfectly or not without opening the cap, is another benefit that makes such led drivers stand out in contrast with other ones.


3. AC connector


The LEDGEAR™ range of LED drivers are provided with a 2 hole push-wire connector, beneficial to ensuring quick and simplified installation with easy loop-in and loop-out wiring. In addition, our LED drivers are created supporting up to 8A current in total for the luminaires connected in parallel. Therefore, in comparison with the 3A Max standard from other brands, the LEDGEAR™high power led driver is able to accommodate more luminaires that's connected in parallel.


4. AC input cable


The LEDGEAR™ stable LED drivers are offered with permissible cable jacket measured at a diameter of 3.5mm-12mm, which is more flexible and bigger than 3.5mm-6mm standard that's provided by other led driver brands.

5. Cable clamp


We deliver an adequate strain relief(30x45x26/29mm) for the cables while the drivers of other brands usually don't provide a cable clamp or leaves a limited space to the input cables.


6. Diameter of input cable


The wires for LEDGEAR™ LED drivers can be selected as stranded type with ferrules or solid type with cross-section of 0.5-2.5 . But some other LED drivers are only suitable for cross-section of 0.5-1.5mm .


7. DC Cable


We offer a 225mm long DC cable along with 5521(female) DC connector for the LEDGEAR™ range of LED drivers. It's publicly known that both DC cable and DC connector are not provided for many LED drivers in the markets.