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Kinglumi unveils the new line of MEKZ™ MINI track lighting


The MEKZ™ Mini track lighting, which comes with three types of models including 8W(670LM) bullet LED track light, 8W(700LM) MR16 LED track head as well as10W(800LM) step cylinder kit, are officially launched now for the North America market. For the rest of markets around the world, the same type of HANZ™ of Mini LED track light will be released soon within the next three months.


Equivalent to the 75W PAR30 traditional halogen lamps, the MEKZ™ new LED track heads deliver cost-effective and energy efficient lighting solutions for homes, museums, hotels, restaurants, schools, retail stores, offices, reception areas and so on.  These fixtures feature the fashionable and versatile appearance design along with a great variety of lighting options, accommodating the diverse and flexible lighting design needs.  


Compact design without exposed wiring

With the contemporary and compact design, the MEKZ™ Mini LED track lighting kits work with integrated and embedded LED power supply and do not have any exposed wiring. They have a sense of clean, fashionable and sleek feel, particularly suitable for some high-end architectural spaces where visually pleasant interiors are desired for improving the audience experience and boost the business sales. Compatible with J/H/L types of track adaptors, these new track lighting kits are characterized by their easy installation and simple wiring that matters a lot to reduce the lighting replacement costs.


Extremely high color rendering index (CRI) performance

There are a total of three types of optional high color rendering indexes that's offered for such luminaires including CRI80, CRI90 and CRI98. Such high flexibility on color rendering index allows you to select the appropriate one that best suits your lighting design need. The high CRI LED track lights are able to reveal the features and characteristics of the illuminated objects at a best level and help impress the audiences with the brilliant and dynamic high-quality lighting.


Excellent high-quality performance

As same as other types of track lights by Kinglumi that set us apart from competitors due to high stability and quality performance, the MEKZ™ types of high-CRI LED lights are characterized by high-quality lighting materials such as CREE original COB LEDs, solid die-casting aluminum housing, the anti-glare TIR lenses, uniquely designed reflectors as well as our own LED drivers over which we have full control on quality. Presently, the fixtures have been tested and listed with ETL and FCC marks.


Other Product Features

 2700K,3000K,3500K,4000K and 5000K.

• Different lenses are offered, including beam angles 24°,38°,and 60°.

• Phase dimming(120V)

• White, black and silver color finishes

• Support 90-degree tilt and 350-degree pan

• 40,000 hours lifespan

• Suitable for dry locations

• Power factor of more than 0.95


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