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LEDGEAR® Triac/ELV junction box led dimmable drivers

To power various indoor LED fixtures, the LEDGEAR® L1, L2 Junction Box Drivers have a silver finish with 1/2" NPT punched knockouts and features easy access cover panel. It is provided with leads and conduits opening for supply connection. Intended for contractor installations and is a NEMA 1 steel enclosure. There are Triac/ELV and 1-10V Dimmable option with constant current output from 3.6W to 40W. 

LEDGEAR L1 & L2 driver provided with wire nuts(push-in wire connectors on request) for fast and easy wiring. Five 7/8" knockouts for maximum flexibility in positioning and in-line installation. And the driver case features side tabs with mounting screw holes to allow mounting of driver in under cabinet applications. steel box with dedicated compartment for hardwiring (120V, 277V). 

Application: US-standard LED panel light, troffer, downlight, and other indoor LED lighting applications

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Features and benefits

• Constant output current level selectable by DIP S.W. and cover almost all indoor lighting wattage

• Suitable for 2.4"(L1), 3.1"(L2) cut holes thanks to the compact housing

• Smooth dimming effect with both Triac and ELV dimmers

• Typical dimming from 100% to 10%, some dimmers can dim off

• Low flicker design, totally compliant the Energy Star and DLC

• High efficiency up to 90%

• Class 2, LVLE output<60V

• THDi less than 10%, Built-in active PFC function

• Suitable for Dim-to-Warm led fixtures

• Side tabs with mounting screw holes to allow mounting of driver

• Over 50,000 hrs lifespan, 5 years warranty




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