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DALI, PUSH to RCL+TTW Controller

The R94001-30058101 and R94002-30058101 convert a DALI or Push signal to phase-cut dimming. They can be used where you want the phase-cut dimmable luminaires in a DALI, or Push-DIM system. These DALI controllers work with dimmable line voltage LED lamps, high voltage halogen and incandescent lamps. These controller has a DALI Short Address, and can be including in up to 16 DALI Groups and/or up to 16 DALI Scenes, which realizes savings on installation and wiring costs and will also reduce unnecessary waste of electronic equipment, making it an environmentally sound solution for a lighting control upgrade.


With immunity to EN 61547, safety to EN 61347 and providing protection of Over current, Short circuit, Over voltage, Over temperature, No-load operation, No damage at wrong mains voltage level. This is a high quality product that will give you reliable protection and service. Its standby power consumption is <0.50 W.

Base (standard designation):
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·DALI & Push dim to the leading edge, trailing edge; and also to Kinglumi TTW tunable white

·Max. load 3- 300W for resistive; 3-250W for leading, trailing and TTW

·Dimming range: 10%-100%(some dim to off)

·Only need one DALI address to control several dimming luminaires/lamps

·C94004-3058101 with integrated DALI power for option, while C94005-3058101 need external DALI power

·Built--in with permanent memory

·Suitable for both retrofit and new installations

·Working Ta=0°C ~ +45°C

·Five-year factory guarantee and lifetime technical support


·Less DALI address, easier for DALI commissioning and wiring

·Save you time and money thanks to the easy installation and less products cost

·Energy savings due to standby power<0.50W

·Quick and easy installation

·Min. cut-out hole diameter 66mm for recessed downlights

Connection Interfaces


·Strain relief with through wiring function

·Terminal blocks: pus- fit terminals

Protection Functions

·Over current

·Over voltage

·Short circuit

·Over temperature


Suitable for dimmable high voltage LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen and incandescent lamps

Suitable for all Kinglumi TTW products with tunable white function

Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Health Care facilities, Education facilities, Museums, Art Galleries, Homes.

Model   #

Input   Voltage(VAC)

DALI   Current Draw(mA)

Max.   Power(W)

Output   DALI Voltage(VDC)

Max.   DALI Current(mA)

Load   Type & Max. load @ Ta=25°C(W)

Standby   Power(W)







R:   300

L/C/TTW:   250





No   DALI power supply



R:   300

C/TTW:   250