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LEDGEAR compact one4all drivers

LEDGEAR® C10 is part of the Kinglumi 3in1compact LED drivers family with DALI-2, Push-DIM and 1-10V dimming. Beside C10(1W-20W), there’re also C11(20W-40W) and C12(40W-60W)suitable for indoor lighting. Available in both built-in and independent(with cable clamp) installations, they are especially suitable for small cut out hole downlights no less than 54mm diameter, or any other limited ceiling space installations.

The drivers equipped with push-fitterminals, which enables easy installation, and the DIP switches located on side allows easy output current setting without opening the driver housing.2 SKU of LEDGEAR® C10 with variable output voltage of 6-52V with 120-1050mA constant current output, fully perfect for all the LED modules with SELV input with 16 levels of current optional. These wide operating windows and easy wiring for LED modules makes it super flexibility and warehouse inventory reduction. These C10 drivers has continuous dimming down to 0.1% of full output current, and fade smoothly between 100% and 0.1%.

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        DALI-2, Push-DIM and 1-10V 3in1 dimming

        DALI approved and IEC 62386 Part 101,102, 207 qualified

        Built-in or independent(with extra cable clamp) 2in1 application

        16 output current levels with wide range output voltage

        Continuous dimming down to 0.1% and fade smoothly between 100% and 0.1%

        Pst LM <0.8; SVM <0.3 much better than EU 2019/2020 requirement)

        Flicker free: flicker percentage <3%(IEEE1789)

        ENHANCED amplitude dimming technology

        Suitable for Min. cut-out hole diameter 54mm for recessed downlights

        Constant light output(CLO) on request(factory set)

        Built-in with permanent memory for DALI and Push-DIM

        Reliable, Class II, SELV according EN 61347

        Protection for output open load, short circuits, over voltage and over temperature

        Over 50,000 hrs lifespan, Five-year factory guarantee


        Full flexibility & Optimized Inventory thanks to

        Two model covers wattages from 1W to 20W

        3in1 dimming, 2in1 application and 16in1 current levels

        Connection Interfaces

        DALI DT6, Push-DIM, 1-10Vdimming

        Strain relief with cable clamp

        Terminal blocks: push-fit terminals


Typical applications

Fordownlight and spot light in both residential, commercial and decorative lighting application