We all know that for each company, a professional R&D team is essential. We have optics engineer, power supply engineer, heat dissipation engineer, software engineer, structural design engineer and electrical design engineer, which make up our unique team, to ensure every detail is perfectly considered in the R&D progress. Our engineers have gotten a very good achievement with the company’s development. Customers always pay more attention to LED’s optical technology, heat dissipation and power supply management. We update our products from these three aspects accordingly.

Optical Technology

The new generation CAMETA, which is a new anti-glare solution, is designed to achieve more anti-glare effect and is more elegant with artistic appreciation. 430mm`450mm blue ligtht generate the largest harm to eye health, while the major part of blue light in LED locate in this range. We are now researching low blue light technology to reduce the blue light’s damage for human eyes. Low SDCM Technology (SDCM<2) is also one of our objectives. Thus we can achieve the consistence and stability of light.

Power Supply Management

Kinglumi designed the led drivers since establishment, and now Kinglumi has the R&D abilities on: DALI-2 dimming control system, Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 smart lighting, Triac Dimming, 1-10V Analog Dimming. Also with other crossing Intelligent Lighting and Buildings Management platforms:like KNX, EnOcean, BACnet, LonWorks.

Advanced Heat Dissipation Technology

As we have mentioned, Kinglumi establishes permanent cooperation relationship with Harbin Institute of Technology in 2011, which is famous for its strong and experienced LED thermal design team. Combined with new heat dissipation and materials and positive heat dissipation design together, our products can reach a long lifetime of 5000 Hours.