The bright illumination and high durability from luminaries are important in industrial lighting areas to ensure work productivity and optimal operation efficiency. It's apparent that the work surfaces with adequate illumination can speed production and help reduce mistakes and avoid accidents during production. An increasing number of industrial facilities owners are moving to upgrade their current traditional Metal Halide light fixtures with high-efficacy and energy-efficient LED high bay fixtures, under which hundreds of millions of people worldwide feel much happier and safer at work.


Kinglumi Co., Ltd. offers Annulight™ high bay led lights for the industrial or any high ceiling applications. The glare-free technological innovation, patented optics design ,along with aesthetic and fashionable appearance, make it take industrial lighting to a higher level. 

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1.   Precise optics solutions with more useful light

    It provides 60°, 80°, 110° beam spread with over 90% lumens down to the floor. 10~20% more useful lumens compared to UFO highbay at same lumen and beam angle.

2.   Glare free and visual comfort.

The innovative optic design minimized the glare light to UGR<19, leading to visual comfort and avoiding forklift trucks accidents

3.  Super long lifespan management

Low LED Tj temperature, up to 60°C High working temp, and dust-free design

4.   Suitable for different mounting applications

      Hook mount, Ceiling Mount, Pipe Mount, Wall mount:

      5.  Flexible, user-friendly and energy-saving power control system

     Adjustable Motion Sensor, DALI(DALI membership),1-10V,Flicker Free






When it comes to industrial led lighting in manufacturing facilities, the first thing people talk about is adequate and uniform brightness needed to ensure work productivity and safety in workshop. With enough and even distribution of both vertical and horizontal light in workplace, workers are able to do their best work under condition of clear visibility. Exposed to high temperature, moisture, vibration and other harsh environmental conditions, industrial lighting fixtures should be able to withstand severe working environment while delivering bright and clear light distribution in manufacturing facilities.

With luminous efficacy up to 130lm/W and UGR below 19, Kinglumi LED high bay fixtures can achieve adequate, uniform and glare-free high-performance illumination over large areas while using less energy. The energy-efficient Kinglumi led high bay light fixtures also combine IP65 high protection rating and patented aluminum heatsink design(Thermal Conductivity>220W/m.K), being able to provide excellent, safe and durable lighting under severe and harsh working environment.



Maximum usage of space in warehouse is important because this can decrease substantial storage costs for business owners. However, it can lead to a great loss if lighting is poorly designed in warehouse facilities where aisles are narrow and sheds structures are high with items stacked in high columns. The key to an outstanding lighting design in warehouse is providing the right amount of light level to both aisle and items on high-level shelves, allowing warehouse operators to have a clear sight of items and labels as well as their surroundings.

Thanks to 130 lumens per watt and specially designed high-efficiency reflector with shielding angle more than 26 degrees, LED high bay light fixtures by Kinglumi are ideal light fixture dedicated to warehouse aisle layout and shelves items to deliver bright, good and even lighting. Our LED industrial lighting, with a long service life of more than 50,000 hours and high energy efficiency , is also able to reduce warehouse operating and electrical costs effectively.



The adequate lighting should be available in transportation hubs to serve people and valuable goods for the safety purpose. Transportation hub is where large numbers of people gather and travel, a place that safety is a top priority for maintenance personnel. Enough illumination is very necessary to ensure clear visibility for performing security related tasks in these areas. In the meantime, industrial lighting design in transportation hub should be conducted to create a kind of comforting and welcoming atmosphere, leaving an impressive impressions on travelers.

Kinglumi high output energy-efficient high bay led lights can supply the right level of light required in transportation hubs to avoid shadows and reduce glare, enabling security personnel to have a clear and unobstructed view of what's happening within the transportation hub. On the other hand, our led high bay light fixtures with a high CRI of 82+ can make colors look more radiant and alive, essential for creating a comfortable and pleasing environment for travelers.


Modern LED lighting is developed to enhance athletes performance and fans experience at sports venue and stadiums. Bright, uniform and clean LED lighting environment is crucial for making stadium arenas look impressive and electrifying, increasing fans loyalty and leading to higher levels of repeat business. Smart and energy-efficient modern led lighting is also the key component of reducing energy use and maintenance costs with much longer lifespan compared to traditional metal halide light fixtures.

Kinglumi high-powered and glare-free high bay led lights, available in 4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K, can be used to upgrade the existing traditional metal halide light fixtures at stadium arenas to improve lighting visibility and give fans a clear view of athletes' performance on the field. Crisp and bright led high bay lights can spur more excitement among spectators and draw more fans to venue, creating higher revenues for stadium owners.



 KINGLUMI Annulight™ LED high bay in liverpool stadium                155W Annulight™  LED HIGH BAY IN TSB HUB