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Will gesture control became the next trend of IoT light control for smart house and building?


Gesture controls is still not widely used in daily life, more like in science-fiction and it's very cool and high tech for lighting control. Using gesture swipes can make using technology feel more natural than even voice recognition. Today, it can totally inbuilt in the LED luminaries with very nice looking.

Behind the gesture sensor, it needs to be powered by a MCU smart led drivers to work, and the sensor has a limited detection distance, which makes it impractical to add gesture controls to all luminaries but a few fixtures that not installed in the ceiling.

Kinglumi has developed its own gesture module, which can track a hand’s 8 defined gestures(Swipe up, down, left and right, toward or backwards, right, rotation clockwise, rotation anticlockwise), which can design to control the ON/OFF, dimming, color tuning, scenes, and so on. Gesture control luminaries samples are ready, you can get in touch with our sales for details.

Gesture control might overtake voice control as the most natural way to control smart devices. Kinglumi is looking forward on ODM service to lighting partners globally.

For ODM service, please Email KL37@Kinglumi, Or call +86 2951 6789 # 8020 (Hendy Zhang) for one stop design to bring innovative products portfolios.

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