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LEDGEAR DALI DT8 Certified by DALI Alliance


We, Kinglumi® has obtained the DALI DT8 (IEC 62386 Part 101, 102, 207 and 209) certification, quality ensure that guarantee the compatibility and quality of our DALI LED Driver to work with DALI approved DALI 1 and DALI 2 control system. 

The LEDGEAR C850-421100DB driver is designed to be a 1st looping(through wiring) DALI DT8 driver in China, which allows quick connection via the loop-in and loop-out terminals for both Primary and DALI Signal. 

"This certification guarantees the compatibility of our own products and our work but also opens doors in the international market as it is recognized in both inside and outside Europe. Complying with this certification assures our customers that the products designed and manufactured under the Kinglumi comply with all DALI commands. In the same way, they assure that our DALI protocol programming ability and laboratory test procedures reach a higher level. "explains Hendy, Product Director of Kinglumi Co., Ltd.


About the products

C850-421100DB is a DALI DT8 & Push-DIM independent LED driver, Max. 50W output with through wiring function. 14-42V output voltage and with up to 1100mA adjustable output current.

More retails, please refer to http://www.kinglumi.com/product-1735.html

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