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Kinglumi Launches LEDGEAR® DALI-2 LED Drivers with LOOPING and STRAIN RELIEF


Kinglumi(K&L), one of Chinese the design and manufacturing leader in lighting & control, is proud to introduces its new LEDGEAR® DALI-2 LED drivers, a category of DALI independent driver with looping and high performance portfolio to create digital lighting control for human centric lighting and tunable white.


The LEDGEAR® drivers equipped with push-fit terminals, which enable through wiring of Primary, DALI and Push wires throughout the driver, and save lots of time and effort on a site’s actual wiring work. The push-fit looping terminals allow quick cable connections without any tool, and also support a variety of wire gauge and cable thicknesses. Cables are secured to the driver with click-on cable clamps, and the strain relief cover clicks on effortlessly, No screw and tool is needed throughout the whole installation process of wiring and connections securing.


Assembled with DIP switches, the LEDGEAR® DALI drivers allows output current selectable, or programmed any output current by DALI. Variable output voltage of 14-42V with constant current output. These wide operating windows and easy wiring for LED modules makes it super flexibility and warehouse inventory reduction.


LEDGEAR® through wiring LED drivers are constant current drivers for 3 W and 45 W. For more information about LEDGEAR® lighting control system, please visit:

C850-421100DB: 50W DALI DT8 + PUSH DIM, Push-fit Terminals with Looping, Super Large Wiring Space, With AUX For Sensor or Fan

C650-421100DB-F, 50W DALI DT6 + PUSH DIM, Push-fit Terminals with Looping, Super Large Wiring Space

C916-40350DB-F, 16W DALI DT6 + PUSH DIM, Push-fit Terminals with Looping, Super Large Wiring Space

Or call +86 2951 6789 # 8020 (Hendy Zhang)



LEDGEAR® is ideal for independent use with Class I, II and III SELV rated luminaires, such as panel light, troffer, spot light and downlight. And for Tunable White as well as for 2-channel use (e.g. warm white/cool white; direct/indirect lighting)

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