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25W 3300lm APOLLO LED LIGHT ENGINE STD w/o drive


•  Complete Detachable Modular Design, fit any size of frame

•  Less inventory and risk, faster time to projects, allow variety of ceiling frame 

•  Glare free: UGR<16, luminance limits @65°<1000cd/m2, EN 12464-1: 2011 compliant

•  High efficacy: Up to 144lm/W(Pro), or 132lm/W(Std)

•  More useful light: over 90% useful lumen in cone 90°(zonal lumen)

•  Aluminum passive cooling, TcLED<61°C(Ta=25°C)

•  Direct replacement for T8- 3x18W/4X18W; T5- 3x14W/4X14W

•  Up to 65% energy saving, 3 times longer lifespan compared to fluorescent lamps.

•  85°x65° Precision Beam Control by 2x21pcs multi-louver

•  2x63pcs LM80 qualified SMD 2835 LED

•  SELV input voltage


Recessed Mounted(snap-in, tool-less)

Base (standard designation):
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Product   CodeKL-PL-017-W04
Produce   Name UGR<16, 132lm/W,  25W 3600lm APOLLO LED LIGHT ENGINE STD w/o driver
Input voltage/Current25VDC, 1000mA
System Power25W
power factor0.95
Driver(Option)Non DIM, 1-10V; DALI(EN 62386-207:device type 6)
lumen flux3300lm
beam angle85°x70° (batwing light distribution)
CCT Optional3000K/4000K/5000K
CRI OptionalCRI 80
Glare LevelNo Glare Light (UGR<16, luminance limits @65°<1000cd/m2)
Light Engine Dimension476x39x29mm, cut out 472(L)x35(W)x1.2 (H),(Max. 1.2mm Thickness)
Net weight