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Xline Recessed Downlights

A linear form concept with precise light distributions while keeping the source invisible.

For decades, the common perception of a downlight has remained a single light source confined in a round or square form for wallwash, aisle or general lighting applications. Xline™ Recessed has a 57mm slim width offers a subtle decorative detail in the ceiling, also provides extremely high efficient lighting with high standards of visual comfort. It gives architects, lighting designers and engineers broad scope for creative precision: With this range of innovative recessed luminaires, making it superb for individual, ceiling-integrated lighting concepts in administration buildings, restaurants, cultural facilities and offices. General, aisle, and wallwash lighting distribution options, make Xline™ an ideal solution for any high-quality architectural environment.

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Products Diversity

  Complete products scope, 6 different aperture size from 100mm  to 300mm 

  4 different installations recessed, trimless, surface and pendant

Visual Comfortable

  Deep Recessed Design; UGR up to 19, 22 ; Dark Light Reflector

Smart Connectivity

  1-10V, DALI-2 + Push-DIM, Phase-cut, ON/OFF


Product   CodeKL-DL-128
Produce   Name Xline™ Recessed Downlight 750lm-3600lm, L 230mm to L 1177mm
Input Voltage220-240V
Power Factor0.9

1-10V, DALI-2 Push-DIM, ON/OFF, Phase-cut

Lumen Flux

750lm(7.5W), 1600lm(16W), 2300lm(23W), 3000lm(30W), 3600lm(36W)

Beam Angle30°x70°, 85°x85°, 55°x90°wallwasher, 110° and 25°x90° on request
CCT Optial

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K

CRI OptialRa82, Ra90 on request
19, 22
Cut-out (mm)172x47mm, 337x47mm, 504x47mm, 1167x47mm
Recessed; pendant/surface/track mounted on request
Reflector/Baffle Finishfaceted specular/high-gloss mirror
Glow Wire Test850°C for 5S; 650°C for 30S
Flicker Free

For 1-10V, DALI-2, ON/OFF, Optional for phase-cut dimming

ConnectionPush-fit terminals

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