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Milo Wallwasher Track Light-Universal Design

Milo™ LED wallwash track light sets a new best-in-class performance benchmark for track wallwasher. It is designed for architectural vertical lighting, which delivers up to 6,000 lumens of beautiful, uniform high quality light in multiple color temperatures and powers in just one fixture, making it an excellent choice for all possible applications. 90°aiming horizontal; 360° vertical rotation allow to light where needed. All of this is combined with efficiency sure to turn heads – an incredible 140lm/W!



Ideal for commercial, supermarket, retail displays, showrooms, art gallery and hospitality applications

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Features & Benefits


Why you need wallwasher lighting in inner space?

Vertical lighting is a component of lighting design that is vitally important to architecture. It emphasizes the limitations of space, making the area appear more spacious and open. Indoor vertical lighting increases our three-dimensional perception and gives environments depth. The opposite is the conventional horizontal illuminance, which is frequently the result of a purely functional, utilitarian and quantitative approach to design. In this latter case, the spatial experience is often secondary to the immediate visual task.

Vertical lighting, however, can help complement the functional lighting design as well as become a starting point for architecturally orientated lighting concepts. Illuminated walls give the observer a bright and open spatial impression. The fascination of wallwashing arises not only from the perception of brightness but also from the clear spatial presentation, which organizes the architecture thereby making the surroundings more comprehensible.

From the point of view of perception psychology and aesthetics, wallwash lighting is an important concept for constructing spaces with light. It is for this reason that it belongs to the essential repertoire of qualitative lighting design.

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