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Light up Kinglumi Fitness Room with Xline Plus Opal Linear LED Light

For well-being and body health, Kinglumi leave over a 50 square meters room to decorate it as a small gym and open for all colleagues, which is letting everyone has a relax and exercise area after busy working. Company pay for all the fitness equipments including Ping Pong table, butterfly machine, spin bike and punching bag. It is important to have a good lighting environment in fitness room, the light could affect people's mood and they need enough lux level and hate annoying glare and flicker.


The fitness room is located alongside the main working area lighting up with Xline Plus and Rocket MR16 downlight. The other side is decorated with windows, the sunlight could light the gym as a supplement light source. The roof is decorated with open cell ceiling with black and white colors alternately for making the roof look not that humdrum. Opal Xline Plus is choosed as the final lighting solution for this exercise area. 

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Opal Xline Plus is choosed as the lighting solution for this exercise area. Compared with general version, Opal version looks a little different from appearance. Xline Plus is an easy-installation LED linear light. Multiple version for choice: pendant, track mounted, surface mounted, different watt and lumen versions. It is a lighting system supporting continuous seamless connection.


The Xline Plus installed on the ceiling is 30W Opal version. Samsung LED chip could reach 110LM/ W energy consuming and high CRI Ra90. 85°x 85°beam angle distribute uniform light to every area in the gym. Patented CAMETA lens and reflector in Xline Plus could effectively reduce glare and flicker, the index of UGR up to 19. The standard light intensity is 3000LM, 4000K CCT, that could ensure a brighter and comfortable light atmosphere in the gym.


The black housing version is choosed and installed between the open cell ceiling, which looks quite harmonious with the surroundings. This is also one of the most attracting features of Xline Plus: beautiful and aesthetic appearance.


The opal version adds a white plastic board to filter the light beam which could make the light softer and more gentle. When you look up to the light source accidently, no harm to your eyes. 

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