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LEDGEAR DALI Repeater & Bus power Supply(2in1)


With the scalability of DALI application, Kinglumi introduces R94002, a 2in1 design LEDGEAR® DALI Repeater & Bus Power Supply. Not only can power up to 64 DALI ECGs with 200mA output current, it also can power the DALI controllers and input devices which don’t have internal power supply (such as DALI dimmer, DALI panels, DALI groupings, and scene controllers). In addition, R94002 can switch to the repeater mode which amplifies the DALI signal for extending DALI line.

R94002 is fully compliant with EN61547, EN61347-1 and EN55015/IEC CISPR15, and design to be used in IEC62386 DALI installation. Universal input from 100 to 240VAC allows it to be used anywhere in the world, and certified to Class II, providing perfect solutions for DALI control system.

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     DALI repeater and DALI bus power supply, 2in1 selectable DIP switch

     This device is designed to be used in DALI installation and supports DALI standards. EN 60929 (DALI-0) EN 62386 (DALI-1) EN 62386-101 Ed.2 (DALI-2)

     Total max. supply power for DALI line of 64 control gears, plus 36 input devices

     Push-fit terminals for easy wiring, and with primary looping function

     Standby power<0.5W compliant to EcoDesign(EU 2019/2020)

     Permissible AC cable 0.75-2.5mm² wire gauge

     Suitable for both retrofit and new installations

     Working Ta=-20°C ~ +50°C

     Five years guarantee and lifetime technical support

When use as a DALI repeater

     For amplifying the DALI signal

     For extending the DALI line length from 300 to 600 m.

     Allows star wiring via the DALI repeater function

     the DALI repeater function integrated with DALI bus power supply 

When use as a DALI bus power supply

     For supplying 200 mA for DALI devices or control modules without their own power supplies

     Max. length between device and luminaries 300m


     Less inventory thanks to the versatile 2in1 design

     No load and standby power consumption<0.50W

     Screwless quick and easy installation for remote application 

Connection Interfaces

     DALI Interface(DA+,DA-, DA1, DA1)

     Strain relief with through wiring function at primary side

     Terminal blocks: push-fit terminals 

Housing Properties

     Casing: white polycarbonate

     Type of protection IP20


For supplying 200 mA for DALI line

For extending the DALI line length from 300 to 600m




Output type

DALI power

Output Terminals

DA+, DA-

Output voltage


DALI bus power supply current

200mA Max.

Length between device and luminaire

300m Max.

DALI Input
  When works as a
  DALI repeater

Input type

DALI Bus power supply

DALI Input Terminals


Rated DALI input voltage


Current consumption DALI

1.8mA Max.

AC Input

Input voltage




Input power

5W @ 230Vac

Standby power



Over current

Shut down output DALI repeater. After fault condition   is removed, Restart.

Over temperature

Shut down output. After fault condition is removed,   Restart.

Short circuit

Shut down output. After fault condition is removed,   Restart.

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